Auto Injury

The Importance of Seeking Chiropractic Help for Car Accident Symptoms

Auto Accident

Motor vehicle accidents (MVA) can result in significant bodily harm within seconds. Even when both vehicles are moving at low speeds, the tremendous force in a car accident can cause considerable damage to drivers & passengers. Fender benders may also lead to lingering injuries, such as whiplash or soft tissue injuries.

Can a Chiropractor Help Me After An Auto Accident?

Absolutely! Doctors of Chiropractic provide effective treatment for those involved in car accidents. Our thorough, non-invasive & holistic approach uncovers musculoskeletal injuries that are often not addressed at the Emergency room or by Primary Care doctors. In fact, the pain medications & muscle relaxers usually prescribed will only temporarily dull pain, but will not help heal your body.

Seeking chiropractic evaluation for car accident symptoms is important for several reasons: to make sure your injuries are properly addressed & treated, to support your long-term well-being & to document your injuries for legal reasons.

Make sure you seek chiropractic help after a car accident to:

  • Facilitate early detection & treatment of serious injuries to prevent them from escalating into severe health problems
  • Detect hidden injuries, to make sure they are not neglected or develop into life-threatening conditions
  • Prevent complications associated with accident-related injuries
  • Collect detailed medical documentation to establish a link between the accident & your injuries & serve as evidence in insurance claims related to the accident
  • Find peace of mind, knowing that you have done everything needed to ensure your health & safety after a car accident

Failing to seek medical help for car wreck symptoms can pose significant risks to your health.

Delayed treatment can result in chronic pain & complications that may require invasive medical procedures or surgeries.

Additionally, without proper documentation & treatment for your injuries, you may be unable to pursue compensation & your insurance claim might be denied, resulting in a significant financial burden.

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