Myofascial Release

FAKTR Instument assisted myofascial release High-quality myofascial release in Cary, North Carolina, can help you manage common health issues and ensure you bounce back from soft tissue damage. At Swank Chiropractic Sports Medicine, Dr. Abigail Swank and Dr. Parker Neill can provide the hands-on approach you need to recover from musculoskeletal issues. Here's what you need to know about this unique, specialized treatment and the methods our doctors use to help manage your physical pain.

What Is This Treatment?

Myofascial Release is designed to help reduce scar tissue and various adhesions that cause pain and dysfunction throughout the body. It's commonly used to manage repetitive strain injuries and is considered to be superior to the similar Active Release Technique (ART) and deep-tissue massage methods due to its tissue manipulation.

The process aims to reduce stress on your joints and nerves and manage your pain problems. Typically, it can help eliminate muscular pain and relieve tight muscles and trigger points. In addition, it's commonly used to treat various athletic conditions that commonly impact athletic performance.

Which Problems Can It Treat?

At Swank Chiropractic Sports Medicine, Dr. Abigail Swank and Dr. Neill use myofascial release to help Cary, North Carolina residents with multiple conditions. These health concerns will vary depending on your needs but include problems as diverse as:

  * Shin splints
  * Tennis elbow or other repetitive strain injuries
  * Tension headaches
  * Frozen shoulder
  * Sciatic nerve pain
  * Lower back pain caused by overworking
  * Bursitis and similar conditions
  * Carpal tunnel syndrome
  * Plantar fasciitis

Our Swank Chiropractic Sports Medicine Team can help you through this process and ensure you get the desired results. Before trying this technique, ensure you understand how it works and know what to expect when getting this hands-on treatment.

How Does This Method Help You?

Myofascial Release is the process of “breaking up” dense scar tissue or adhesions. Adhesions limit normal range of motion, cause muscles to be very tight and are inflexible compared to healthy tissue. Our doctors apply careful & directed pressure, along with stretching during treatment. This treatment is surprisingly effective and will ensure you recover as much as possible from tight, tense, and damaged tissues after an acute or chronic injury. The goal of active release technique is to restore normal mobility and “glide” between muscular tissue and nerves. It can also help push joint fluid throughout the body and stimulate the lymphatic system, which helps lower inflammation

Take Care of Your Physical Health Needs

If you need myofascial release in Cary, North Carolina, call Swank Chiropractic Sports Medicine to learn more about what we offer. Dr. Swank and Dr. Neill can provide the hands-on support needed for your recovery. They can handle all myofascial treatments and will help you better understand your care options. Call us at 919-460-6098 to learn more about how we can help you.

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